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Jamaica Plain Electrical Upgrade

Upgrade Electrical, Phase II for VAMC, Jamaica Plain, MA consisted of identifying and addressing pieces of equipment (such as Motor Control Centers, Switchgear, Distribution Panels, Transformers, Emergency Generators) that have reached their useful life because of age, capacity, location, obsolescence or combination of these factors and require upgrade, replacement, or removal. Reports for equipment and recommendations based on applicable existing conditions were provided. This project included the following: 
           Emergency power in Building 1, 15th floor mechanical penthouse; adding equipment and feeders to increase capacity in area
           Emergency power to 1A Research; making Research independent from Building 1 emergency power resources
           Normal power to Building 2; integrity of existing feeder system is compromised
           Elimination of splice boxes
           Building 1 hallway lighting management; existing circuit organization limits employment of remote control and setback programs
           Electrical improvements shall bring existing space up to code with reference to NFPA, NEC, IBC, JCHO, VA design Guides and all other applicable codes and guidelines. The project fully integrated into existing building management programs for remote engineering control and/or monitoring for troubleshooting, energy conservation, and maintenance. 

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